ISSN 0975-6299
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2010 (April–June)
Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System of Amoxycillin: Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation
  Vinay Pandit, Sarasija Suresh and Hemanth Joshi
Synergistic and Sustained Anti - Inflammatory Activity of Guguul with the Ibuprofen: A Preliminary
  Shekhar Verma, Anurekha Jain and V. B. Gupta
Study of Solute Solvent Interaction Through Dielectric Properties of Allyl Chloride with Dimethyl Formamide using Time Domain Reflectometry Technique
  G. M. Dharne, A. P. Maharolkar, S. S. Patil, P. W. Khirade and S. C. Mehrotra
Tyrphostin AG 490 Restored the Attenuated Cardioprotective Potential of Ischemic Postconditioning in Hyperhomocysteinemic Rat Hearts
  Ankur Rohilla, Gurfateh Singh and Ramnik Singh
Mast Cell Stabilizing Activity of Ocimum Sanctum Leaves
  Gajendra P. Choudhary
Floating Multiparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: An Overview
  Y. S. Gattani
Transdermal Drug Delivery System - A Novel Drug Delivery System and its Market Scope and Opportunities
  K. P. Sampath Kumar, Debjit Bhowmik and Chiranjib B., R. M. Chandira
Synthesis and Screening of Antidiabetic Activity of Some Novel Curcumin Analogues
  Suresh Konatham, Praneeth Kumar and Jithan Aukunuru
Silica Particles as Material For Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Drugs and Biologicals
  Pandey Shivanand
Formulation Design and Optimization of Bucco-Mucoadhesive Bilayered Tablet of Propranolol Hydrochloride
  J. B. Shukla, N. S. Patel, G. C. Patel
Formulation and Evaluation Studies of Floating Matrix Tablets of Nifedipine
  S. K. Sreekanth, S. Palanichamy, T. Raja Sekharan and A. Thanga Thirupathi
Anti Aging Therapy: Various Alignments to Control Premature Aging
  Shivanand Pandey, Viral Devmurari, Manish Goyani and Rakhasiya Bhavika
Nanosuspension: Formulation, Charcterization and Evaluation
  Shivanand Pandey, Viral Devmurari, Manish Goyani and Hetal Ashapuri
Evaluation of Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy in Treating Chronic Constipation. Global Healing Center’s Oxy Powder® in Treating Constipation and IBS. Clinical Trial Phase III
  Jogender K. Lalla, Meena U. Shah and Edward III Group
Status of HIV-1 Proviral DNA with the Treatment of Polyphytochemical Molecules
  Dr. S. K. Prakash
Analysis of Herbal Products by Thin-Layer Chromatography: A Review
  A. Mohammad, S. A. Bhawani and S. Sharma
Oral Lipid Based Formulation: A Review
  M. Nagaraju Patro, Ajit S. Bankar, Sachin Uttam Rakesh and Dr. A. V. Yadav
Biotechnology in Drug Delivery: Evolution, Obstacles and Applications
  Kamlesh Wadher, Ravi Kalsaitand and Dr. Milind Umekar
Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability Evaluation of Global Healing Center’s Oxy Powder® in Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Constipation – Predominant) (IBS–C)
  Jogender K. Lalla, Deven V. Parmar, Meena U. Shah and Edward III Group
Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extracts of Dried Flowers of Nymphaea Stellata Willd
  Sachin Uttam Rakesh, Priyanka R. Patil and V. R. Salunkhe
Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric and RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Olmesartan Medoxomil in Tablet Dosage Form
  Prabhat Jain, Anurekha Jain, Deepika Maliwal and Vaibhav Jain
Non-Template Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of Tetraazamacrocyclic Ligands with Variable Ring Sizes
  Nirdosh Patil and Ramachandra Akkasali
Release of Drug Neomycin from Cordia Dichotoma Transdermal Film
  Patil D. N., Kulkarni A. R., Shahapurkar A. A. and Patil B. S.
High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Estimation of Repaglinide in Tablet Dosage Forms
  Meeta A. Jiladia, S. S. Pandya and Ashok G. Jiladia
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of
2-(2'-Substituted - Benzylidene - Hydrazino -Acetyl) – Mercapto-5-Methyl - 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazoles and 2 -[2'- {4 - Substituted -Aryl - 3 - Chloro - 2 - Oxo –Azetidine } –Acetyl-Amino-Mercapto] - 5-Methyl - 1, 3, 4 -Thiadiazoles
  Rajiv Dua and S. K. Srivastava
Evaluation of Suspending Properties of Cassia Roxburghii Mucilage on Sulphamethaoxazole Suspension
  K. S. G. Arul Kumaran, D. Christopher Vimalson, S. Palanisamy and M. Jagadeesan
Inhibitory Effect of Pioglitazone on Type-2 Diabetes Induced Nuclear Damages in Wistar Rats
  Syed Imam Rabbani, Kshama Devi and Salma Khanam
Study of A Novel Environmentally Responsive Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System
  Prashant K. Deshmukh and Ravindra A. Fursule
Establishing Correlation of Therapeutic Activity of A Siddha Formulation with its Antioxidant Activity. A Comparative Study
  Kartik Chandra Patra and K. Jayaram Kumar
Buccoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems: A Review
  Ravi Bhalodia, Biswajit Basu, Kevin Garala, Bhavik Joshi and Kuldeep Mehta
A Study On Prescription Pattern and Cost Analysis of Antiretroviral Drugs
  Sankar Veintramuthu, Ruckmani Kandasamy, Velayutham Kanniyappan and Nithyananth Munusamy
Formulation and Evaluation of Topical Dosage Form of Eupatorium Odoratum Linn. and Their Wound Healing Activity
  Prabhudutta Panda and Arpita Ghosh
Antibacterial Activity of Leaves of Bamboo
  Vijay Kumar Singh, Rahul Shukla, Satish V., Shankul Kumar, Sumit Gupta and Ashutosh Mishra
Preparation and Characterization of Polyvinyl Acetate (Kollidon® Sr) Microspheres Containing Diclofenac Sodium: Effect of Different Cellulosic and Acrylic Polymers
  Md. Saiful Islam and Reza-Ul Jalil
Determination of Some Antineoplastic Agents in the Pure Form and in Their Pharmaceutical Preparation with N-Bromosuccinimide Reagent
  I. C. Shukla, Vinod Kumar, B. K. Singh, O. P. Yadav and Sanjai Kumar
Controlled Release of A Poorly Water Soluble Drug Prednisolone from Heterodisperse Hydrogel System
  Geeta Aggarwal and Arvind Sharma
Preformulation Study of Buccoadhesive Monolayered Tablets of Carvedilol
  S. Vijaya Kumar , B. Stephen Rathinaraj and Ganesh Sheshrao Bangale
Studies on Synthesis, Method Development, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of Ibuprofen Lysinate
  M. V. Kumudhavalli, Margret Chandira, D. Sripriya, B. Jayakar
Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Investigations of Cocculus Pendulus (J.R. & G. Forst.) Diels Leaf
  H. Rabari, S. Pandya, G. Vidyasagar and B. Gajra
Study of Solute Solvent Interaction Through Dielectric Properties of Allyl Chloride with Ethanol
  G. M. Dharne, Aruna. P. Maharolkar, S. S. Patil and P.W. Khirade
Study of Solute-Solvent Interaction Through Dielectrics and Densities Properties of 2-Butoxyethanol in 2-Ethoxyethnol At Different Temperature
  Anil L. Tidar, S. S. Patil and P. W. Khirade
Phyto Chemical and Anthelmintic Evaluation of Corm of Amorphophallus Campanulatus
  R. Ramalingam, K. Hima Bindu, B. Bindu Madhavi, A. Ravinder Nath and David Banji
Formulation, Characterization and Evaluation of Metronidazole Gel for Local Treatment of Periodontitis
  Shiva Kumar Yellanki, Jeet Singh and F. V. Manvi
Design and Characterization of Diclofenac Sodium Microbeads By Ionotropic Gelation Technique
  P. S. Goudanavar, R. S. Bagali, Chandrashekhara S. and S. M. Patil
Antidiabetic and Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Sapindus Trifoliatus Linn.
  P. K. Sahoo, K. M. Padhy, D. Pradhan, G. Tripathy, R. Bhoi, S. Pattanayak, S. K. Sahoo
Analytical Method Validation of Gas Chromatographic Method for the Estimation of Related Substances in Trimethyl Ortho Propionate
  Deveshri B. Narkhede, P. D. Narkhede and Ravindra R. P.
Different Techniques of Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Microspheres
  Pandey Shivanand
Preclinical Animal Toxicity Studies Repeated Dose 28-Day Subacute Oral Toxicity Study of Oxy Powder® in Rats
  Prof. Jogender K. Lalla, Meena U. Shah and Edward F. III Group
Preparation and in Vitro Characterization of Carrier Erythrocytes for Vaccine Delivery
  Pandey Shivanand
Formulation and Evaluation of Floating-Mucoadhesive Tablet of Clarithromycin
  Zawar Laxmikant R., Savaliya Pankaj J., Bari Sanjay B. and Gattani Surendra G.
Carvedilol – A Novel “Look” At Β-Blockers in Management of Cardiovascular Disease
  Tarek T. Abdel-Razek, MD, Ph.d, Hassen Bennasir, Ph.d and Shanmugam Sridhar, M.Tech
In Vitro Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Potential of Various Extracts of Whole Plant of Borreria Hispida (Linn.)
  C. D. Shajiselvin and A. Kottai Muthu
Toxicity Studies of Oxy Powder®-Revised
  Jogender K. Lalla, Meena U. Shah and Edward F. III Group
Pharmacognostical Investigation on Wheat Grass
  Kumar Shankul, Satish V, Ravi Chandra V. D., Rahul S., Kambhoja S. and Ashutosh M.
Treatment of Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia with Extracts of Eugenia Jambolana Seed and Aegle Marmelos Leaf Extracts in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
  Shivanand Pandey
Herbal Rapid Release Tablets Manufactured from Corchorus Olitorious Leaves
  Vinod Doharey and Nisha Sharma
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activities Evaluation of Water-Soluble Caffeic Acid Ammonium Salts
  Jie Fu and Hai-Liang Zhu
Development and in-Vitro Evaluation of Liposomal Gel of Ciclopirox Olamine
  Abhay M. L. Verma and S. Palani
Syntheses and Biological Activity of Some 3, 5-Driaryl-4h-1, 2, 4-Triazole Derivatives
  Ram Janam Singh and Dharmendra Kumar Singh
Progeria – A Brief Review
  P. Shankar, P. Vishwanath, D. Vijay Nath, Naveen Chella, Y. Kiran Kumar and P. Venkateshwarlu
Pharmacognostical Standardization and Hptlc Fingerprint of Crataeva Tapia Linn. SSP. Odora (Jacob.) Almeida Leaves
  Patil A. G., Koli S. P., Patil D. A. and Naresh Chandra
Pharmacoepidemiological Study of Uterine Fibroids in Indore City
  Neelesh Nayak, Alok Soni, Mithun Singh Rajput, Vineet Mathur, Veena Nair
Influence of Photoperiod on the Behavior and Serum Proteins in Grey Quail (Coturnix Coturnix)
  Eshita Pandey and V. L. Saxena
In Vitro Mast Cell Stabilization Activity of Onosma Bracteatum Wall
  G. P. Choudhary
Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Ganciclovir in Bulk Drug and its formulations
  Prakash S. Sarsambi, Abhay Sonawane and Abdul Faheem
Molecular Interaction Study of Antibiotic Doxycycline Hyclate with Linoleic Acid
  C. Roumana and G. Velraj
Studies on the Preparation, Characterization and Solubility of Nimodipine Inclusion Complexes with Β-Cyclodextrin
  S. K. Majahar, R. M. Rao Kusumanchi, B. N. Gayatri
Formulation, Evaluation and Comparison of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Diclofenac Sodium Using Natural Polymers as Release Modifier
  Rishabha Malviya, Pranati Srivastava, Vipin Bansal, Pramod Kumar Sharma
Sustained Release Matrix Metoprolol Tartrate with Inlay Hydrochlorothiazide Tablet
  A.R. Mullaicharam, P H. Maisa Shummo, P. Muthuprasanna
Studies on Glucose Lowering Efficacy of the Anthocephalus Cadamba (Roxb.) Miq. Roots.
  S. Acharyya, G. K. Dash, S. Mondal and S. K. Dash
Evaluation of Flower of Barleria Prionitis for Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Nociceptive Activity
  Sunil K. Jaiswal, Mukesh K. Dubey, Sanjeeb Das, Arti R. Verma, M. Vijayakumar and Chandana V. Rao
Quantitative Analysis of Simvastatin and Ezetimibe of Drugs in Combined Dosage Forms by HPLC
  B. Stephen Rathinaraj. S. Vijaya Kumar, S. Sudharshini, B. Thirupathy and Gurusharan
Ficus Bengalensis Linn.-An Overview
  Vikas V. Patil and Vijay R. Patil
Formulation and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Metoprolol Tartrate by Sublimation Method
  N. G. Raghavendra Rao, Thube Ketan and D. K. Suresh
Anti-Inflammatory and Wound Healing Activity of Leaf Extracts of Cocculus Pendulus (J. R. & G. Forst.) Diels.
  H. Rabari, S. Pandya, G. Vidyasagar and B. Gajra
Biodegradable Monolithic Periodontal Films for Controlled Delivery of Metronidazole to Periodontal Pocket
  Gaurav Tiwari
In Vitro Antioxidant Potential of Tuberous Root of Methanolic Extract of Ipomoea Digitata (Linn.)
  G. Alagumani Vasagam, A. Kottai Muthu and R. Manavalan
Chemoprofiling of Andrographis Paniculata (Kalmegh) for its Andrographolide Content in Madhya Pradesh, India
  Shweta Mishra, S. K. Tiwari, Arun Kakkar and A. K. Pandey
Estimation of Two Bioactive Compounds From Azadiracta Indica A. Juss. Leaves Using HPLC
  Willy Shah, Nilan Rane, M. B. Kekare and Vikas Vaidya
Psychotropic Drugs and Transdermal Delivery: An Overview
  Geeta Aggarwal and Sanju Dhawan
Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy – A Review
  Dr. Sangeeta Bhanwra
Biodegradable Microspheres for Controlled Delivery of Metronidazole in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases: Formulation Consideration
  Gaurav Tiwari
Alzhemier’s Disease – Pathophysiology and Treatment
  Asma Shaheda Shaik, A. Elaya Raja, M. Vijayalakshmi and G. Devalarao
Plumbago Zeylanica Roots: A Potential Source For Improvement of Learning and Memory
  Vineet Mittal, Sharma S. K., Pawan Jalwal, Anil Hooda and J. Mor
Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Investigation of Stem Bark of Tectona Grandis Linn.
  D. V. Goswami, M. J. Patil, Anuj Modi and R. Tiwari
Glycemic Effect of Freeze Dried Murraya Koenigii - An Evidence Based Study
  Sanjukta Chatterji, Rakesh K. Singh, Surekha Shukla, Deepak K. Yadav, Geeta Watal
Effect of B. Monnieri Leaf Extract Targeted at Adenosine Receptor in Diabetic Neuropathic Pain
  P. K. Sahoo, D. Pradhan and P. Behera
Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Tablets of Niacin using Different Bioadhesive Polymers
  Gajananv. Shinde, S. Sudharshini, B. Stephenrathinaraj, Ch. Rajveer, D. Kumaraswamy and Ganesh S. Bangale
Anti-Tubercular Activity of Fruits of Prunus Armeniaca (L.)
  Jaya Sehgal, Dr. P. Siddheswaran. Dr. K. L. Senthil Kumar and Mrs. T. Karthiyayini
Formulation and Evaluation of Pediatric Azithromycin Suspension
  Mamatha Jyothi Ancha, K. L. Senthil Kumar, D. D. Jackson
In Vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Benincasa Hispida (Petha) Thunb Leaves
  Chiranjib Bhattacharjee, Debjit B., Pankaj Tiwari, K. K. Tripathi and A. S. Dutta
Electrical Conductivity and Ion Pair Formation of S-Acetylthiocholine Halides and Perchlorate in Ethanol - Water At 25 Oc.
  N. H. El – Hammamy, A. I. Kawana, M. F. Amira and N. S. Elsisy
Formulation and Development of Mucoadhesive Tablet of Diltiazem Hydrochloride
  Dhara B. Pate and Madhabhai M. Patel
Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Investigation On Root of Cadaba Farinosa Forsk
  Umesh B. Telrandhe, S. Hemalatha and Anuj Modi
Acute and Subacute Toxicity Study of the Ethanolic Extract From Calotropis Gigantea R. BR. in Rodents
  Ajay Kshirsagar, Purnima Ashok, Kaushik Nargolkar, Amol Bhandare, Anurag Dodaland Tanmay Dodal
Modulatory Effect of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) on Cyclophosphamide-Mediated Antitumor Activity and Mutagenicity in Mice Bearing Ascites Dalton’s Lymphoma
  S. B. Prasad, B. M. Nicol, G. Rosangkima and Amenla
Synthesis and Characterization of ‘3D’ Metal Complexes with 2-(Furan -2- Formyl Imino) Sulphanilamido Thiazole Niranjan Lal, Himanshu Sharma and
  Mukti Verma
Formulation and Evaluation of Taste Masked Oral Disintegrating Tablet of Lornoxicam
  S. K. Sheth, S. J. Patel and J. B. Shukla
Formulation and Evaluation of Oro-Sustained Release Insitu Gelling Sol Using Xanthan Gum
  S. Sangeetha, Harish G. and Malay K. Samanta
In Silico Pharmacogenomic Analysis of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Involved in Alcoholism
  Singh Satendra, Mecarty S. D., Jain P. A., Gautam B., Farmer R., Yadav P. K. and Ram G. D.
101. Solvent Extraction of Chromium (VI) From Mineral Acid Solutions By Tributyl Amine
  A. V. L. N. S. H. Hari Haran and D. Murali Krishna
Effective Therapy for the Management of Erectile Dysfunction in Men with Diabetes Mellitus: A Review
  Satyanand Tyagi and Dr. R. K. Roy
Assessment of Prescription Errors Related to Antimicrobials-A Prospective Study
  N. A. Khan, M. Abid and A. Patra
Formulation and Evaluation of Montelukast Sodium Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches For Chronic Asthma Attacks
  Raghavendra Rao N. G. and Suryakar V. B.
Potent Selective Cytotoxic Activity of Kaempferia Galanga L. Rhizome Against Cancer Cell Cultures
  Jagadish P. C., Raghu Chandrashekhar H., Vinod Kumar S. and Latha K. P.
Self Micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery System
  Vishvajit A. Kamble, Deepali M. Jagdale and Vilasrao J. Kadam
Pharmacognostical and Biological Studies on Senna and its Products: An Overview
  Vijay Agarwal, Meenakshi Bajpai
Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper(II) and Nickel(II) in Beer, Wine and Edible Oils
  V. Kiran Kumar, M. Rameswara, K. B. Chandra Sekhar and N. Devanna
Design and In Vitro Evaluation of Gastric Floating Drug Delivery Systems of Fenofibrate
  Lingaraj S. Danki, Abdul Sayeed and Shantveer Salger
Evaluation of Anti-Denaturation Property and Anti-Oxidant Activity of Traditionally used Medicinal Plants
  N. Duganath, S. Rubesh Kumar, R. Kumanan and K. N. Jayaveera
Anticonvulsant Activity of Flower Part of N. Oderum
  Pooja Saini, N. Kannapan, Anupama Diwan, Parveen Kumar, Vishal Antil, Shreya Sharma and Sandeep Singh
Evaluation of Phytochemicals and Antioxidants of Four Botanicals with Antihypertensive Properties
  Asaolu M. F., Asaolu S. S. and Adanlawo I. G.
Development and Characterization of Folate Targeted Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System
  V. V. Mittal, S. J. Patel and S. K. Sheth
Chitosan-Based Nanospheres as Drug Delivery System for Cytarabine
  S. Sangeetha, Harish. G. and Malay. K. Samanta
Process Validation of Analyticalmethod Development and Validation for Omeprazole Capsules and Blend
  D. Kumaraswamy, B. Stephenrathinaraj, Ch. Rajveer, S. Sudharshini, Bhupendra Shrestha, P. Rajasridhar Rao
Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Studies on Stem Bark of Ailanthus Excelsa Roxb. (Simaroubaceae)
  G. Prakash Yoganandam, K. Periyanayagam and K. Ilango
Patent Laws in India and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry
  S. B. Puranik, Mamata Sangamesh and Mona Golshan. S
118. Formulation and Preliminary Evaluation of Natural Hair Colorant
  Joshi Uttara, Bande Swapnali and Upadhye Mohini
Pharmacognostical Evaluation on the Root of Rotula Aquatica Lour.
  Mamta K., Abhishek B. snd Rohit
Dissolution Profile Comparison:Model Dependent and Model Independent Approaches
  Sima Sadray, Soheila Honary, Pouneh Ebrahimi, Paris Jafari and Saeed Rezaee
Therapeutic Uses of the Polyherbal Drug Triphala in Geriatric Diseases
  Dr. Mradu Gupta
Role of Stem-Cell Therapy in the Management of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, A Neurodegenerative Disorder: An Overview
  Satyanand Tyagi, Sachin Kumar and Mohit Singla
Formulation and Evaluation of Gas Powered Systems of Cefixime Tablets for Controlled Release
  Raghavendra Rao N. G., Pentewar Ram, S. S. Bussetti
Determination of In Vitro and In Vivo Activities of Aloe Vera L. Against H. Pylori
  Ch. Santhosh Kumari , C. V. N. Prasad and Sree Ramulu J.
Doxycycline: An Old Drug with A New Role in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  Gyanshankar P. Mishra and Jasmin D. Mulani
In Vitro Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Microbial Study On Cassia Auriculata Linn.
  M. Thambidurai, P. Rajesh, B. Balamurugan and V. Rajesh Kannan
Simultaneous Estimation of Paracetamol, Chlorzoxazone and Diclofenac Potassium in Pharmaceutical Formulation By A RP HPLC Method
  Angshuman Biswas and Arindam Basu
The Effect of Plasticizer Molecular Weights and Concentrations on Water Vapor Permeability of Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose Films
  S. Honary, P. Ebrahimi and N. Emrani
Anticonvulsant Study of Pongamia Pinnata Linn. Against Pentylenetetrazole Induced Convulsion in Rats
  Ashish Manigauha and Sunita Patel
Characteristic Composition of Guinea Fowl (Numida Meleagris) Egg
  E. I. Adeyeye
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Various Thiadiazolylpyridinyl/Indolylisoxazolyl Quinazolinone-4-Ones
  Hemlata Kaur, Sunil Kumar K. K. Saxena and Ashok Kumar
Efficacy of Phytoextracts on Macrophomina Phaseolina (Tassi) Goid Causing Leaf Blight of Green Gram
  D. H. Tandel, A. N. Sabalpara and J. R. Pandya
Identification of Mycobacterium Sp. As An Alfalfa Root Bacterial Endophytes Using 16s RRNA Gene Sequence Analysis
  Ali Deljou, Mirkave Mousaviehzade, Abolghasem Ghasemi and Heshmatollah Rahimian
Copper (II), Cobalt (II) and Chromium (III) Complexes of 2, 4 Diamino–5- (3, 4, 5 Trimethoxy-Benzyl) Pyrimidine: Synthesis, Charecterisation and Influence of Copper (II) Complex On Germination of Legume Seeds
  Dilip R. Kulkarni, Mukund. R. Muley, Jijabhau K. Rodge, Madhavrao N. Deshpande and Swati S. Ardhapurkar
Herbal Remedies of Wetlands Macrophytes in India
  Santosh Kumar and Satya Narain
Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Growth, Flowering and Yield of Chrysanthemum (Dendrathema Grandiflora Tzvelev) Cv. ‘IIHR-6’
  M. U. Navale, S. A. Aklade, J. R. Desai and P. V. Nannavare
Design and Evaluation of Gastro-Retentive Floating Tablets of Captopril
  R. S. Radke, S. B. Deshmukh, P. S. Jagtap, P. S. Gangane, D. R. Godwani
Microbial Genome Databases: A User’s Perspective
  Jerrine Joseph, Sameer Hassan, Vasanthi Rajendran and Vanaja Kumar
Spectral Analysis, Molecular Orbital Calculations and Antimicrobial Activity of PMF-G Fraction Extracted from PM-701
  Anwar El-Shahawy, Nagwa M Elsawi, Wadiah Saleh Baker, FatenKhorshid and Neveen S. Geweely
Seed Characterisation of Five New Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) Varieties
  Amit Parashar
Trace Metals Pollution in Indoor and Outdoor Particulate (PM2.5) Exposures
  Ah Bu Olayan and B .V. Thomas
The Pathophysiology of Septic Shock
  Rumpa Saha, S. Das, R. Chatterjee and I. Kaur
Influence of Vitamin-E and Selenium Supplementation on the Growth Performance and Antibody Responses of Layer Chicks
  G. Kanchana and G. P. Jeyanthi
Physico-Chemistry, Morphology and Abundance of Finfish of Nkoro River, Niger Delta, Nigeria
  Abowei J. F. N., Davies O. A. and Eli A. A.
The Attitude of Fisher Folks Towards Agricultural Extension Services in Niger Delta, Nigeria
  Tawari C. C. and Davies O.A.
Petri Net Implementation of Cell Signaling for Cell Death
  Shruti Jain, Pradeep K. Naik and Sunil V. Bhooshan
Computational Prediction of Potent Therapeutic Targets of Pseudomonas Syringae and in Silico Virtual Screening For Novel Inhibitors
  Pradeep K. Naik, Seneha Santoshi and Ashima Birmani
Growth Forms of Macrophytes in Salona Tal and its Adjoining Wetlands of Uttar Pradesh
  Santosh Kumar and Satya Narain
Effect of Trace Elements on Biosorption of HG2+ By HG2+Tolerant Saccharomyces Cerevisiae A100
  Khushi Mukherjee and Ajit Kumar Banik
Fruits in the Wilderness: A Potential of Local Food Resource
  Deshmukh B. S. and Vidya Shinde
In Silico Drug Discovery on Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Using Tetracycline Analogues
  R. Balajee and Dr. M. S. Dhanarajan Ph.d
Field Evaluation of Different Fungicides Against Phoma Leaf Spot Disease of Indian Bean
  V. A. Patil, B. P. Mehta and A. J. Deshmukh
High Frequency of Plantlet Regeneration and Multiple Shoot Induction From Leaf and Stem Explant of Citrullus Colosynthis (L.) Schrad, An Endangered Medicinal Cucurbit
  R. Savitha, T. Shasthree and Sudhakar B. Mallaiah
Influence of Low and High-Protein Diets on Body Growth and Glucose Intensity in Rattus Norvagicus
  Tapas Kumar Mandal, Nargish Parvin, Ashok. K. Saxena and Sabyasachi Sarkar
A Rapid Quantification of Serum Free Methionine by HPLC in Relevance to Poultry Industry
  Nargish Parvin, Tapas K. Mandal, Vijaylaxmi Saxena and Sabyasachi Sarkar
Purification and Immunological Characterization of Riboflavin Binding Protein (RFBP) from Different Avian Eggs
  G. Rajender and G. Benarjee
Antimicrobial Activity of Proteus Bacteria Isolated From Raw Milk of Paonta Valley
  Virender Singh, Leena Sharma, Rohini Kanta, Sheetal Sharma, Swati Chauhan and P. K. Chauhan
Pretreatment and Saccharification of Steam Exploded Waste of A Pharma Industry
  Mamta Kumari, Sudhir Kumar K. Ravikanth and Rajinder Singh Chauhan
Beauveria Bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin: A Successful Biopesticide Against Key Pest Helicoverpa Armigera (Hubner)
  Arti Prasad, Nilofer Syed and Sujoita Purohit
Anti-Diabetic Effect of Ethanolic and Methanolic Leaves Extract of Centella Asiatica on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
  P. K. Chauhan, I. P. Pandey, Vinod Kumar Dhatwalia and V. Singh
Toxicological Effects of Leather Dyes On Serum Cholesterol of Fresh Water Teleost, Cirrhinus Mrigala (Ham.)
  S. Afaq, K. S. Rana and M. A. Lone
Emerging Carbapenem Resistance Among Nosocomial Isolates of Klebsiella Pneumoniae in South India
  R. Mohamudha Parveen, B. N. Harish and S. C. Parija
Molecular Characterization of Morphologically Similar Four Pieridae Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Insecta) by RAPD-PCR Technique
  Ashish D. Tiple, Sonali V. Padwad and Vishal P. Deshmukh
Isolation and PCR Amplification of Genomic DNA from Dry Leaf Samples of Sugarcane
  A. Vaze, G. Nerkar, M. Pagariya, R. M. Devarumath and D. Theertha Prasad
Effects of Ni and Zn on Growth of Vigna Mungo, Vigna Radiata and Glycine Max
  Ashok K., B. S. Bisht, Manish K. and Lalit K.
Age Related Changes in Malondialdehyde: Total Antioxidant Capacity Ratio – A Novel Marker of Oxidative Stress
  Suresh D. R., Sendil Kumaran, Annam V. and Hamsaveena
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Alkyl-2-{[3-(3'-Chloro-4'-Nitrophenyl)-2-Oxo-3, 4-Dihydro-2h-1, 3, 2l5-Benzoxazaphosphinin-2-Yl]Amino} Alkanoates
  K. Suresh Kumar, N. Bakthavatchala Reddy, K. Uma Maheswara Rao, S. K. Annar and C. Suresh Reddy
Alterations in Stress Parameters in Rats Housed in a Pyramid Model - Seasonal Variations
  Surekha Bhat, Guruprasad Rao, K. Dilip Murthy and P. Gopalakrishna Bhat
Toxicity of Polytrin-C on the Psychopharmacological Observations in Wistar Rat
  Sekar Babu Hari Ram, Ch. Umadevi, Gowri Reddy, T. M. Vijayakumar and G. Thirumurugan
Polymorphism of Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Becomes an Innate Property in Renal Failure
  Manikandan T., Inamul Hasan Madar, Priyadarshan K., Shyam K. P. and Anil Kumar
Bioconversion of Sludge From Integrated Paper and Pulp Industries
  Dr. S. P. S. Bisht, B. Praveen, Y. Rajesh and Subhasish Sahoo
Apo B/Apoa1 Ratio is Statistically the Best Predictor of Myocardial Infarction Compared to Other Lipid Ratios
  Dr. Rajni Dawar, Dr. Anil Gurtoo and Dr. Ritu Singh
Effect of Adeninesulphate on Organogenesis Via Leaf Culture in An Ornamental Plant: Thevetia Peruviana (Pers.) Schum
  Garima Zibbu and Amla Batra
In Silico Docking Analysis for Viral Protein - Hemagglutinin-Neuraminidase against the Synthetic Drugs For Human Parainfluenza Virus 3
  Aathi Muthu Sankar and Piramanayagam Shanmughavel
Tephrosia Purpurea (Linn.) Pers: A Folk Medicinal Plant Ameliorates Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Hepatic Damage in Rats
  B. Sangeetha and S. Krishnakumari
Clinical and Biochemical Parameters in Relation to Serum LP(A) Levels in Indian Children and Adolescents
  Srinivasa Nageswara Rao G., Prema Gurumurthy, Priya Gururajan, Saibabu R., Kirthivasan V. and K. M. Cherian
Management of Genetic Activity Through Homoeopathy
  Dr. H. U. Gangar
Comparative Analyses of Non Enzymatic and Enzymatic Antioxidants of Enicostemma Littorale Blume
  R. Sathishkumar, Palaniswamy Thanga Velan Lakshmi and Arunachalam Annamalai
Comparative Study on Conductance Measurements At 25°C of Ionic Association of Acetylcholine and S-Acetylthiocholine Bromides in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Solvents
  Nasr H. El-Hammamy, Aida I. Kawana and Moustafa M. El-Kholy
Evaluation of Some Organic Extracts in in Vitro to Control Fusarium Solani Causing Chilli Wilt
  M.G Yelmame, B.P. Mehta, A.J.Deshmukhand V.A.Patil
in Vitro Evaluation of Some Known Bioagents to Control Colletotrichum Gloeosporioides Penz. and Sacc., CAUSING Anthracnose of Indian Bean
  A. J. Deshmukh, B. P. Mehta and V. A. Patil
Progeria: An Accelerated Ageing Process
  Mehta A. K., Babar R. S., Patil K. S., Dubal A. P. and Gujar P. P.
Ex-Situ Conservation Studies on Ethno-Medicinal Rare, Endemic Plant Species From Western Ghats of Maharashtra
  Deshmukh B. S.
Efficacy of Antimicrobial Activity of Rhinacanthus Nasutus (Linn.) Leaves in Different Extractions
  P. Visweswara Rao, A. Sivanarayana Goudu, S. Sasikala and M. Dhananjaya Naidu
In Silico Analysis of Dna Profile Used in Forensic Science
  Singh Satendra, Gautam B., Yadav P. K., Jain P. A., Farmer R., Ram G. D.
Cellular Distribution of Bioaccumulated Toxic Heavy Metals in Aspergillus Niger and Rhizopus Arrhizus
  Tapan Kumar Pal, Sauryya Bhattacharyya and Arunabha Basumajumdar
Electrical Conductance of Acetycholine Perchlorate in Tert-Butanol-Water Mixtures At 25°C
  Nasr. H. El-Hammamy, Taher S. Kassem and Aida. I. Kawana
Nutritional Status in Multi Drug Resistance-Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients
  Dr. Surajeet Kumar Patra Dr. Anju Jain, Dr. B. L. Sherwal, Dr. Ashwani Khanna
Haematological Changes in Chicks under the Influence of Fumonisins
  K. Narasimha Rao, B. Vijayapal Reddy, S. Girisham and S. M. Reddy
Electrochemical Reduction Behaviour and Analysis of Fluazinam
  K. Balaji, C. Sridevi, N. Ananda Kumar Reddy K. Mohana Muni Sidda Reddy and C. Suresh Reddy
Synthesis and Biological Activity of Diazaphospholo-Iminophosphorane Derivatives of Zidovudine (Azt) Through Staudinger Reaction
  A. Janardhan Rao, V. Koteswara Rao, P. Visweswara Rao, B. Satheesh Krishna, C. Naga Raju and S. K. Ghosh
In Vitro Antioxidant Studies on Ethanolic Extracts of Leaf, Stem and Root of Sida Rhombifolia L.
  Narendhirakannan R. T. and Limmy T. P.
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